Writing : Essays

I've always been a writer. My early stuff, from college, is downright embarassing, but it's here anyway.

Much of my later, practice writing was done as travelogues, which you can read in the Fishing section.

Sept. 30, 2014 tags:  travel

Crazy Africa Stories

An essay, with pictures about my observations from a trip to South Africa in 2014.

June 1, 2006:  tags:  my-life

Kids are Funny

Hilarious things that Casey said between the ages of about 2 and 4. My sister beth suggested that I write these down, so I did. And I'm SO glad I did.

July 1, 2004:  tags: 

Selling your House without an Agent

I recently went through the process of selling my house without an agent. Several people asked me to let them know how it went. So here's my report.

Feb. 14, 2001:  tags: 

Why Amy?

This is an old love letter I wrote for valentine's day. I meant every word of it. I can't read it anymore, but I guess you can :)

Aug. 1, 1997:  tags:  my-life

How I Quit Smoking

An essay about quitting smoking, from the first time that I successfully did it. After this I didn't smoke for maybe 10 years. I've been on-and-off since then (mostly off). Like many old pieces on this site, I keep this as a snapshot into my younger mind.

Jan. 1, 1992:  tags:  my-life

Porn in the Psych Lab

This is the true story about how my friend Marty Scholes nearly died from embarrassment. The setting was pre-internet, perhaps 1992. And the X-windows system was new then, and didn't have security built in. The most hilarious aspect of this, is that the lab there still exists. And the story about what happened circulated there for <b>decades</b> acquiring the status of near-urban-legend. But it wasn't an urban legend, it really happened.