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Conde Nast's Sexiest Man of the Year

"Everyone, let me introduce you to David Holmes, F5's World-wide Security Evangelist and Conde Nast's Sexiest Man of the Year!"

My friend Jack Fenimore was introducing me to an audience of about 60 people in Cincinnati, Ohio. I thought that was the best introduction ever. Even if that last part wasn't true.

So I was telling that story to another friend of mine, John Wagnon while we waited for our webinar (Global Encryption Trends) to start. John was the MC and color guy and I was the main speaker. He tried to top Jack's intro.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, our main speaker today is David Holmes. Some people say he looks like Robert Downey, Jr, or is the most interesting security man in the world. Just a really smart guy."

I ran into Jack later, and told him that John tried to top his "Conde Nast" intro, but failed. Jack laughed and got this picture of me giving John's intro a thumbs down. He sent the picture to John.

John then replied with this little gem:

"I thought about saying he was selected as Runner up for 'Sky Mall's sexiest man over 50, 2015'".

Now THAT would have been the most clever introduction ever.

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