{+} We're Married{+}

Congratulations to me and Amy for tying the knot after only four years of living together! I must say that Married Life is great! It is just perfect for both of us (don't listen to her) and it was the perfect step in our relationship. If you know us, you know that we are the best of friends and are rarely seen apart. Wish us well!

I asked Amy to marry me on July 1, 1996 - and we were married 26 days later on July 27th, 1996 in a small, elegant ceremony at in First Presbiterian Church of Lakewood. James, my Brother, was the Best Man and PollyAnn, Amy's Sister was the Maid of Honor. If you weren't invited its because it was pretty much family only, and we only had five days to plan the wedding. Its amazing we pulled it off!

" The Young Couple!"

The happy newlyweds! She's so purty! I have always thought that Amy was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen but on this particular day she topped all others. I'm a lucky guy!

Thank you James, for being the best man! Thank you Pollyann for being the Maid of Honor!


Here are some of the images I promised I'd post from the wedding, for those of you who weren't there.

"Marry Me!"


This is a picture of the moment that started it all! I asked Amy to Marry me on the Space Needle and we got some tourist to take this picture. This is about a minute after I asked her, so the shock has kind of worn off, but she was still very surprised and very happy the rest of the day (and I guess, happy to this day as well!). Yeah, I know, we looked like Crap that day - didn't get much sleep because we had just driven up here!

"The Wedding Party"

Pollyann (Amy's Sister) was the Maid of Honor, and James (My Brother) was the Best Man. Our Parents each did the "uniting candles" ceremony and it was all very beautiful. The whole thing screamed by in what seemed only seconds.

"The Bride's Family"

is is everyone in Amy's Family that could attend. It was actually a pretty good turnout, considering that we had given them only 4 days notice! They really are a great bunch of people and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart for giving me Amy and for putting on such a great wedding!

The Reception

For everyone that gave us a gift on our most special day, we Thank you. Pollyann, you know that we use our Espresso machine EVERYDAY (actually, about three times a day). Sylvia, thanks for the towels! We'd be all wet up here without them. Dick and Debbie, thanks for the corningware - Amy made an apple pie last week and we used the big caserole-thing to spread it around the neighborhood. Also, we threw out all of our other glasses and we only use the ones you gave us now. For everyone who gave money, thank you for that first installment. You can send the remaining balance by mail.

Here's Caleb (James' Son) and I with the New Bride. You can tell who's photogenic and who's not.

Our room-mate and best friend Marc Schmaedecke. Off to the right is Brandy, Wendy's SO and all around great guy.

Miscellaneous Pix!

Most of these other pictures were taken before the wedding in the Bride's room. Obviously, I wasn't there (isn't that a cute custom?) - I was downstairs "rehearsing". You know, I think whoever designed the wedding ceremony figured that the Groom would be way too freaked-out and nervous to do much, so all I really had to do was stick a ring on her finger and say "I will" a couple of times and "I do" once. The kiss was easy.

Laura - mother of Caleb and a great gal! Only woman I know who's actually shorter than my mom!

Amy and Pollyann. Aunt Polly (not this Polly) is actually taking another picture of this off to the side - I wonder if it came out as well as this one did?

My Crazy Sister Wendy. What a freak, huh! Laura's about to spit out that Redman she had going.

Of course, we have a lot more pictures - I just didn't have time/$ to scan the all in at Kinko's. My Parents have the "Master Copies" including the negatives, so if you were a member of the wedding party (or just want to see the pictures) just drop me a line.