Summer Fun '98

This page may take a while to load, because we're having so much fun this summer! Amy and I quit smoking on January 26th, 1998 and an unexpected side-effect of this has been that we are a lot more active this summer. All of our weekends are booked up for visits to friends and family around the Pacific Northwest.

Although Amy and I still play our nightly Mario Kart, we aren't as likely to be found sitting in front of our computers or T.V.s. Our favorite summer activity is swimming in our lake. We now regularly swim across the lake (I think its about a half-mile round trip) where before, we would never think about that.

Lazy Cheyenne Don't Swim

Our house is the A-Frame in the middle.

Amy and Cheyenne

Cheyenne doesn't really like the water, but she has to stay with us.

Go Get Em

Both Smokey and I will chase ducks, on occasion...

My Sister, Wendy, lives in Oregon with her husband Kevin. Amy and I like to go down there every couple of months. Summertime is the best because any other time, it seems to be raining like hell. Wendy and Kevin live right on the beach in Yachats, Oregon. Here's some pictures from August...

They're building the campfire from driftwood

Four People and Four dogs have a Sunset picnic.

Kevin and my lovely wife Amy look out over the Pacific

One day we hiked up to the top of the Cape Perpetua trail, just south of Yachats proper.
Beautiful, isn't it?

Check out Cheyenne's Tongue!

That's me - proud to have made it to the top. Hiking is my new passions, now that I
am smoke-free. It is good for my body and my mind - I consider it my reward for having quit.
I will post some more pictures when I get them back from the developers...