Tribute to Roxy

born around July - 1995, died November 11th, 1996.

Our dog Roxy brought love and light to Amy and I in the darkest hours of our lives.

Amy and I were experiencing extreme difficulties in both of our careers and the strain was becoming nearly unbearable. When we got Roxy on February 20th she made coming home mean so much more. She became a symbol of the union that was Amy and I - something we had previously often forgot.

Roxy was the first dog that Amy and I had ever had away from our Parents and she felt like the beginning of a new family. Amy taught her how to sit, how to lie down and I taught her to shake hands.

She was a protector and we always felt better at night when she was around. She couldn't bear to be away from us - some people call that Seperation Anxiety, but we know it was true affection and adoration. In fact, it wasn't long before we couldn't bear to be away from her.

On June 26th, 1996 at a company picnic, Roxy had an accident and was badly injured - she had cut her leg on a metal rail and scaped off her left read kneecap. Amy and I were scheduled to go on Vacation a day later and I had just finished releasing a product upgrade for my company with only a minimal staff at hand - I was beyond my limit of stress.

She had surgery the next day, and for the first time since we had her, she spent the night alone. Her surgery went well, but took a huge toll on her and this was nearly the straw the broke the camel's back for me. At work the next day, some sort of catharsis took place to make me re-examine what was important in life.

I quit my job and Amy and I took Roxy with us up to Seattle.

Her leg was to take a month to heal and we had to change her bandages twice a day, but we made it to Seattle in three days, and we even passed through Yellowstone Park on the way.

A month Later, Amy and I were married and we settled in our new home in a forest cabin on a lake. I had a new Job and Amy and I have a new life.

Roxy was content for a while, but then she kept trying to tell Amy and I that she had to go. We thought she meant "outside" but looking back, I don't think that's what she meant. When she looked up at me, and put her forepaw on my lap I think she was trying to tell me goodbye.

Shortly after that, Roxy was hit by a logging truck while playing nearby.

I found her body on the side of the road when Cheyenne came home alone.

I know this sounds corny but humor me for a moment - I think Roxy was an angel sent to Amy and I to help us make the changes in our lives that we needed to make. She was happy with us in her time and I'll bet she was really sorry to have to leave us. But, there must be a great demand for angels in the world today so she had to leave when her work was done.

She's probably off somewhere helping another young couple through their troubles, or maybe she's helping a child who needs a friend.

We'll always love you Roxy.

Goodbye Roxy (* sniffle *)