Rainier Pictures 99

On a sunny Sunday in September, Amy and I drove to the Paradise entrance of Mount Raininer National Park. We hiked the little loop at the Grove of the Patriarchs. Took pictures. The "Grove" occupies a little island in the Ohanapecosh river. This location saved the trees from forest fires and logging. Some of the trees are 1000 years old now. And Huge. Then we proceeded up the road to Paradise, where we hiked to Panorama Point. Took . Of Marmots. And Stuff. Here are some of them.

Grove of the Patriarchs

Ohanapecosh River Bridge.
Bridge across the Ohanapecosh River to the Island.

I don't actually know what kind of tree this is.
I think this is a western redcedar. Huge huh.

It's really dark in there, so you need a flash.
Obviously this tree is much taller on its side than the photographer.

Is this thing a burl? Or what is it?

Paradise, Panorama Point and Skyline Trail

Photograph by Amy
Skyline Trail just outside Paradise Park.

Chipmunk with Loowitz Chute in the background
Chipmunk. Loowitz river canyon in the Background.

Near Panorama Point
The Mountain from just below Panorama Point.
Notice the "Cookies and Cream" to the left of
the standing figure.

I think the glare is too much for this camera!
Take the quick way down!