Our Home

We've finally bought a house. These pictures were taken during the inspection and we only had about 8 pictures left on the cool camera that Amy got me for Christmas. Anyway, here they are:

Here's a view of the front of the house. You can see that cool cherry tree in the front.

the Front

The remodeled kitchen has a room attached to it. Both rooms face the backyard. Here are the two perspectives of it. The first shows Mae, our real estate agent, then Amy, and then Tim the inspector.

Facing the kitchen

wood paneling

Upstairs has two bedrooms, a main bath and the master and its bath. Here is a picture from the master looking out, and then one looking toward the master bath.

master! master!

The shower door is open.

Here are three from the backyard.

looking NW(?)

closer NW

looking SE(?)