Our Dogs

We have three black dogs. You can click on some of the pictures to see larger images.

Cheyenne, we originally got as a companion for the late Roxy. Cheyenne is 5 or 6 now, and is something of a houdini: she can scale 6 foot wooden fences despite her ponderous bulk.


This is Cheyenne's favorite pose - she wants you to rub the belly.

Cheyenne + Rats 4Ever

Cheyenne monitors the pet rats' development (the rats are long gone).

Smokey used to like to bite women he saw on the street in the ass. It was deeply embarassing (but funny). Smokey's father is Sierra, my brother's dog. Smokey's Grandmother was Delilah, my sister's late golden.

Smokey and Me

He's a good pal to hang out with.

Shiney Smokey

Isn't Smokey shiney?

Milky Eyes

He doesn't flinch from the flash.

Smokey Red

I had this picture put on a T-shirt so Amy would have something focus on during Casey's birth...

Oreo was a rescue dog. She was only meant to be temporary. A visitor at our recovery center. However, we soon became too attached to her and after some fits and starts she is part of our little family. Awwww....

Oreo is ready for Dinner

Oreo is ready for dinner.

Bad Bad Girl

Here she has torn up a basket in the garage and is being firmly punished.

After the bath

Oreo dries off after a bath.

What is that?

Oreo on the rampage.