Of Interest...

More photos from around the turn of the century :)

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Me and Marx
In 1990 my older brother Tom
and I went to the U.K.
Marx's grave is one of the
places we stopped.

Me and Caleb
That's my nephew Caleb in
suspension. His father took the
picture, while I balanced on the
loose boards.

Me at Stonehenge.
The "druids"
appeared rather annoyed.

My brother James
This is my other brother,
James, proud father of Caleb
Why is James in his underpants?

Don't talk to me before
I've had my coffee.

On our Honeymoon.
Getting off
at Catalina. Ah, sunny days.

Amy and Ashley.
My wife Amy, with a sun-lit Ashley
looking on.

Amy and Cheyenne.
In our
old cabin on the lake.