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Crawlin on Polly

Hot Mexican Food, Racy Amazons

Theda's dad, Ed, picked us up a the airport. There was some confusion about where the minivan was in the parking lot. We finally got it located and were off to Theda's parents' house. They lived just a few miles from Amy's Aunt Polly, who was still in Wickenberg until the end of the school day (she's a schoolteacher). Theda's mom, June, treated us to tuna fish sandwiches and fruit salad for lunch. Casey and I took a nap (after he threw two fits that would make your hair stand on end) while Amy, Walt and Theda went on a 5 mile powerwalk. What a bunch of studs! Theda ended up with a blister, but it sounded like they all had a good time. Walt and Theda drove us over to Polly's house. I wanted real Mexican for dinner, so Polly and her roommate Becky took us to a place they like, Arriba's. I ordered a dish that was shockingly hot. A steak with a chile-cheese sauce that was so hot it was almost ridiculous. I loved it, and almost couldn't finish it. When we got back to the house, Polly fired up her Tivo so we could watch Survivor Amazon, which she had recorded for me while we were at dinner. The ladies team had trounced the Men's team in luxury challenge. That night, after the challenge, the men were lying around fantasizing about the younger women bathing each other at their camp. Sure enough, that was exactly what was going on at the ladies camp. The three unattached "ladies" (the gym teacher, the pageant queen, and the swim suit model) had taken their tops off and were bathing each other in front of the cameras, who lingered over the scene obscenely. This was probably for the better, because if this survivor is like the last three, these ladies are going to be little more than skeletons in a few weeks and will look like "they've been put away wet one too many times," as a friend of mine would say. Anyway, after Survivor we three went out to our private Bungalo (Cabeza? Bed Shed?) and slept very, very well.

Walt & Casey

Max & Becky

a closeup

Max's Dirty Secret

The next morning, I awoke very excited about the imminent baseball game. Polly and Becky were already long gone to work. I had to go into the main house to get on the computer and confirm a sale I had made on Half.com. I noticed that their shih-tszu, Max, wasn't in his confined area, so I picked him up and lifted him over the baby gate. At the last second he wiggled out of my hands and fell on his face on the floor. I laughed, because he seemed okay, and then went back into Polly's room to finish checking my mail. All of a sudden Max was right behind me again. Amy came in to get something, so she put him back in the confined area and started looking around the couch to see how he got out. While she was standing there, Max jumped clear over the back of the couch and started running around in the living room where he wasn't supposed to be. Amy and I figured that Max had Polly and Becky fooled: since they always come home through the garage, he hears them, jumps back into the confined area and they assume he's been there the whole time. We exposed his secret to them later and they laughed about it. But I think they're going to keep the barriers up: old habits die hard?

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