Our trip to Seattle Mariner's Spring training.

These are notes from our trip to phoenix, from Feb 27 to Mar 1, 2003. I'm mostly doing this so I don't forget anything, but there are some cool pix that could use some explanation.

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Happy Traveler

Theda's Mom, June

Casey & Theda

In the beginning...

We got up at 4:00am on Thursday, after about four hours of sleep, and got our stuff together. We woke Casey, who was quite a gentleman about the whole thing since he doesn't usually get up until 9:00am... Plus, that night he'd gotten up twice (once at 1 and once at 3) which is very unusual for him. He had cried and cried for a while both times and then went back to sleep with little fuss. We figured out what the problem was later, but more on that in a bit. We raced to the airport, stopping for our mandatory Latte's but not gas, even though the CRV's tank read empty. We arrived at MasterPark at 5:30 to drop off the car and were at the gate about twenty five minutes before the flight. Our dear friends, Walt and Theda DeBacker, who were coming to the game with us were waiting there. We were hoping to switch seats partway so Walt and I could talk about the M's but Walt and Theda ended up sitting apart (the plane somehow got smaller between when they make reservations and boarded). The plane was packed with Mariner's fans. It seemed liked every other person was wearing an M's cap (like myself) or sweatshirt (like Casey).

Casey Loves Theda

Casey & Ed look the same

Thanks for having us!

Flying the Fussy Skies

Casey was um, okay, on the flight down. We figured he would sleep the whole flight, since by the time the plane took off he'd already been up for two and a half hours. I guess the flight was too exciting, even though this was his third time on a plane, because he stayed up and fussed throughout the whole flight. We were in the last row, by the bathrooms, seats 29D,E. Amy likes sitting back there because its right by the bathrooms and the stewardesses. Anyway, the gentlemen to our right was a businessman with one kid. He stressed to us that if were thinking about having only one child, it would be very, very important to make sure that that child got lots of socialization with other kids. He also told us about how he and his family just got back from Cabos, where their friends had rescued some puppies from the junkyard. The man and his family got a fake health certificate from a local Cabos vet. They then proceeded to "smuggle" the dogs back across the border. When they landed they had to proceed down a hallway past the DEA agents. The agents' dog ran after them, barking. "What's in the box???" demanded the agent. "Puppies" said the man meekly. "Okay. Go ahead" said the agent. "I could have been carrying pounds of marijuana in there and they didn't even look." At customs, the officers were perplexed by the fake health certificate. The man explained it was a health certificate from a Mexican vet. There were ten officers there, but not one of them could read Spanish. Is that crazy or what? You'd think the customs officers examining passengers from Mexico could at least speak the language. Go figure. Anyway, the descent was very bumpy, probably because there were thunderstorms moving across Phoenix. The plane was slamming side to side and Amy was kind of nervous. I held her hand. Casey chose this moment to fall asleep. Go figure. As we were landing, I looked out the window and it seemed like we were coming down a lot faster than usual. In fact, we had taken off a lot faster than usual. Walt surmised that the pilot was perhaps trained on a aircraft carrier and that the landing was probably a good one under that qualification. Anyway, we were very happy to be on the ground.

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